Can you share a few techniques or methods to find and connect with readers?

BUUKS Author Forum BUUKS Author Forum Self Publishing Can you share a few techniques or methods to find and connect with readers?

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    Can you share a few techniques or methods to find and connect with readers?

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    Thank you for your question. As a first time author, it is very important to acquire new readers.

    Here are a few options that you can consider engaging in and this has worked for us and for many other authors in the past:

    Goodreads Author Page:
    Goodreads is a database of books and more or less a social media for book lovers. Readers from around the world register themselves with Goodreads to find, rate and review books that they have read, find new recommendations from their friends and authors that they follow on GoodReads.

    Creating a Goodreads Author page makes you visible to these readers and fellow authors. Moreover, you can add your published books from Amazon to your list of published books on Goodreads and readers that follow you will be notified of your new releases when you do so.

    You can create your own blogs, surveys, polls, and giveaways using Goodreads and the way to find and connect with your readers.

    Amazon Author Central Page:
    Amazon Author Central Page helps your readers learn more about you.

    Under every book that you find on Amazon, you’ll be able to find the author of the book. When you click on the author’s name, you’ll be directed to the author’s page where you have options to link your blog, post pictures (Maximum 8 images) and videos of your book.

    Amazon allows the “Follow Author” option for readers to learn about their favorite authors and keeps them updated on the author’s new releases when you add your published books to your list from Amazon.

    Note: When you claim a published book from Amazon as yours, Amazon Author Central Team takes about 4 to 8 business days to verify with the publisher that you are the rightful author of this book and is not as instantaneous as Goodreads and Facebook Page Setup.

    Facebook Page:
    As we all know, everyone is on Facebook.

    Creating a Facebook page for your book opens up a new avenue for you to access the Facebook Advertisement, through which you can handpick your audience (readers) and advertise your books to them directly.

    Unlike Goodreads and Author Central, Facebook has no restrictions on the number of images you post to your account. Let it be a book release function, a promotion for your book or a series of small videos with snippets of your book; Facebook says, more the merrier.

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