Suggest some quirky ways to reach readers for my Fiction book.

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    Suggest some quirky ways to reach readers for my Fiction book.

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    These days, Business books sell well than fiction books because most of the business people are salespeople themselves. Salespeople are well aware of their audiences, where they are and how to reach them unlike a Fiction writer (Who are usually not salespeople).
    For example, Amish Tripathi went to many major offline booksellers and requested them to place a copy of the 1st chapter of his book with cover for readers to pick-up for free. Readers who were happy with the first chapter came back and requested a copy of the book and this generated sales for him initially as a self-published author.

    Now, almost every self-published author started doing this and both the booksellers and readers have a lot of samples to choose from and that becomes a tedious task for the buyer and is not fruitful for the seller. Hence one should have a handful of quirky ways to reach their readers at all times.

    Here are a couple of approaches that we suggest might work well for you:
    Social media (Facebook & Instagram) is your biggest arena to get introduced as an author. Traditional Publishers are your competition here as they constantly try to take their share of readers online and one thing they can’t do is to price their books less as they have a lot of overheads to pay, unlike a self-published author who has only his/her minimal investment in his/her book. Hence go for a free promotion or minimum price on your eBooks to get as many readers as possible online.

    To reach your reader offline, go where your readers are.

    • If you are a fiction writer, go to fiction reading events, Hindu Lit Fest, Jaipur Lit Fest to reach both Publishers and readers.
    • If you are a Children’s writer, visit schools, training camps, tuition centers to reach out to them.
    • If you are a Poetry writer, attend poetry reading events and offer to read a few pages of your poetry in front of your audience.
    • If you are a business writer, attend conferences and networking events and offer to speak for free to gain familiarity and credibility.

    On a quirky note:
    Try taking a few copies of your book to major bookstores and place a few copies of your book on the respective shelves based on genre, next to best-selling authors.
    Leave a note inside the book/staple your business card inside the book so is someone picks it up and tries to buy it, at least one of the booksellers might consider reaching out to you.
    P.S: Hey, hey, shoplifting is a crime, shopdropping is not.

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