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    Which royalty option is better for eBooks? 35% or 70%?

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    Thank you for your question. Please find below the difference between both the royalty options:
    70% Royalty

    • Includes Deliver Cost for every sale
    • Price should be between 99 INR and 449 INR
    • eBook should be exclusive to Amazon KDP to get 70% royalty in India (Recurring 90 days period)
    • You need to own the copyright
    • Book Lending (KOLL) is mandatory

    35% Royalty

    • No Delivery Cost involved in eBook sales
    • Price can be between 49 INR and 10,999 INR
    • No exclusivity is required
    • Public Domain books get only 35% royalty
    • Book Lending (KOLL) is not mandatory

    Based on the differences above, we would suggest that 35% royalty is the best way to go in the Indian marketplace as you have the option to sell your eBook on other platforms like KOBO, iBooks, Google Play, etc.

    You can go for 70% Royalty option, if you are planning to make your eBook exclusive to Amazon KDP (Recurring 90 days period), and get the 5 promotion days, where you can sell your eBook for free.

    Now, it’s time for you to make a decision.

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